The Difference Between Seamless Oblique Tees And Seamed Oblique Tees In Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

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1. The purpose of the oblique tee
Stainless Steel Weld Tee is a pipe connection fitting, which is mainly used to change the flow direction of the pipe and connect pipes of different diameters. It usually has two bend angles of 45 degrees and 60 degrees. The oblique tee is easy to install, simple in structure and beautiful in appearance. It can reduce the resistance of the pipe, improve the flow performance of the system, and also add decorative effects.
Common oblique tee application scenarios include the following situations:
1. Change the flow direction of the pipe. When the flow direction of the pipe needs to be changed, the oblique tee can transfer the fluid from one direction to another. This use is particularly common in industrial production.
2. Connect pipes of different diameters. When pipes of different diameters need to be connected, the oblique tee can connect pipes with different diameters through different interface sizes. This is also a common situation for using oblique tees.

The main difference between seamed and seamless oblique tees lies in the processing technology and appearance quality. The following are the differences between the two: 1. Processing technology: The seamed oblique tee is welded with steel plates and needs to go through several welding, grinding and surface treatment processes, while the seamless oblique tee is processed from a whole steel pipe and does not require welding and multiple processing processes. 2. Appearance quality: The seamed oblique tee is prone to produce welds during the welding process, so the appearance quality is relatively poor, while the appearance quality of the seamless oblique tee is beautiful and there is no obvious joint. 3. Installation requirements: The seamed oblique tee requires special welding equipment and technicians for construction, which is a large workload, while the installation of the seamless oblique tee does not require additional welding and grinding processes, and the installation is more convenient and quick.

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