Development Of Process Cards For The Production Process Of Elbows And Tees In Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

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Stainless Steel Weld Tee The process card of the production process is formulated: the inspection and testing tools are calibrated, and the tooling and molds are strictly cleaned and measured. After they are correct, production is carried out. Cutting: Use steel plates to cut materials according to the size of the production process card or the requirements of the drawings, and carry out the first piece inspection. If qualified, make the mark and the first piece mark. Hot forming: Check that there are no abnormalities in the material section, sheet, water circuit, circuit, oil circuit, heating furnace, pusher, press, etc., and the heating temperature meets the requirements of the process card, generally between 750℃----1050℃, except for special circumstances. Carry out the forming work, and carry out the first piece inspection after forming. Non-destructive testing of stainless steel elbows: The instrument is identified and calibrated before testing, and the tees and crosses of carbon steel and stainless steel materials, and various pipe fittings of alloy materials should be subjected to magnetic powder or penetration testing piece by piece. The inspection is in accordance with the provisions of JB/T4730 standard, and level I is qualified.

There shall be no microcracks. The steel grades included in API Spec 5L are shown in the following table, and the steel grade is represented by the first two digits of the yield strength. ISO 3183 and GB/T 9711 use the same steel grade representation as API Spec 5L, except that "X" is changed to "L", the yield strength is converted to the international system of units, the unit is MPa, and the last digit is rounded to "0" and "5". For example, the pipeline steel with a yield strength of 600001bf/in2 is 414MPa when converted to the international system of units, API Spec 5L is expressed as X60, and ISO 3183 is L415. Hebei Ruicheng Pipeline Company focuses on the pipe fittings and pipeline markets, mainly engaged in the production and operation of high, medium and low pressure pipe fittings.

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