The Role And Performance Characteristics Of Shrimp Elbows In Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

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Stainless Steel Weld Elbow, as the name implies, is first of all a welded elbow, which is one of the stainless steel pipe fittings. But unlike ordinary welded elbows, its shape is similar to the body of a shrimp, hence the name "shrimp elbow". It is a specially designed elbow, mainly used in specific engineering applications, such as narrow spaces or complex pipe fittings layouts, and has the following characteristics:

1. Shrimp waist elbows are generally formed by welding or splicing several pieces of material; hot-pressed elbows are formed by integral casting or hot pressing.

2. Shrimp waist elbows have poor pressure resistance and impact resistance; hot-pressed elbows have good pressure resistance and impact resistance.

3. Shrimp waist elbows are suitable for low-pressure pipelines and large-diameter pipelines; hot-pressed elbows are suitable for high-pressure pipelines and small-diameter pipelines.

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