Introducing The Forming Characteristics Of Rolling And Bulging Methods In Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

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The materials used in Stainless Steel Weld Elbow are a large class of new materials with special electrical, magnetic, optical, acoustic, thermal, mechanical, chemical and biological functions. They are important basic materials for high-tech fields and construction such as biotechnology, information technology, and power technology. At the same time, they also play an important role in transforming some traditional industries, such as agriculture, chemical industry, and building materials.

Below, let's take a look at the forming methods of stainless steel pipe stamping elbows:

1. Rolling method: Generally, no mandrel is used, which is suitable for the inner round edge of thick-walled pipes. Place a core in the pipe, and push the outer periphery with a roller for round edge processing.

2. Bulging method: One method is to place rubber in the pipe, compress it with a punch on the top, and make the pipe bulge out; the other method is hydraulic bulging forming, filling the middle of the pipe with liquid, and the liquid pressure bulges the pipe into the required shape.

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