Five Advantages Of Stainless Steel Pipe Stamping Elbows In The Chemical Pipeline Industry

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Stainless Steel Weld Elbow is suitable for pipeline systems in industries such as petroleum, chemical, hydropower, construction and boilers. The reason why stainless steel stamping elbows are widely used in various industries is that their advantages are generally recognized by everyone. Let's share the 5 advantages of stainless steel stamping elbows:

1. Due to the cold deformation hardening effect of the material during the stamping of the stainless steel stamping elbow, the strength and rigidity of the stamping are high.

2. The size and shape accuracy of the stainless steel stamping elbow are determined by the mold.

3. The production rate of stainless steel stamping elbows is relatively good, and the operation is simple, easy to realize mechanization and automation. Because stamping relies on stamping dies and stamping equipment to complete processing and production, the number of strokes of ordinary presses is about dozens of times per minute, and high-speed pressure can reach hundreds or even thousands of times per minute. Each stamping stroke may produce a stamping part.

4. Stainless steel stamping elbows have less debris, so less waste of raw materials, and no other heating equipment is required, so it is a material-saving and energy-saving processing method.

5. The range of sizes that can be processed for stainless steel stamping elbows is small.

Stainless steel elbows are the weak link in the pipe system. The performance of the pipeline is mainly determined by the working capacity of the stainless steel elbows. The working capacity of the stainless steel elbows is related to the stress state in which they are located. Calculations and on-site measurements of the working stress of pipe fittings show that the arc starting point of the stainless steel elbow is particularly sensitive to external loads. In addition to the external loads such as internal pressure and deadweight, the main external loads are additional external loads caused by the thermal expansion of the pipe metal during the start-up process of the pipe system, the vibration of the pipe system, and the abnormal operation of the support and hanger. When the arc starting section of the stainless steel elbow is a butt weld, these changing external loads will cause the weld to be in a complex stress state, severely weaken the strength of the weld, reduce the working capacity of the stainless steel elbow, and shorten the service life of the stainless steel elbow. For this reason, from a design perspective, the interface of the butt-welded stainless steel elbow is changed to a straight section butt, that is, the design of a stainless steel elbow with a straight section is conducive to the butt weld, improves the quality of the weld, and improves the service life of the stainless steel elbow.

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